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UPS Digital White Paper

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UPS Digital White Paper

Multi-volume Digital White Paper

We have to admit that we’re a bit geeky working with quantitative, data-driven material! With our imagination and ideas in full force, we helped evolve UPS’s customer-facing study into a nicely digestible “chapter” approach — strategically designed for digital distribution and extended exposure. All five volumes featured nifty iconography, bold landing page headers and intelligent use of layout for content highlights. And, we created a new icon library to promote social media visibility.

Client Testimonial: UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper

“When UPS began working with Yellobee on the UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study materials several years ago, they had already established a reputation within the company for strong design and the ability to translate complex charts and graphs to simple compelling graphics. We were looking to raise the bar and evolve the project, as it had been handled by our research vendor in previous years, but we wanted to strongly brand it as a UPS production, while giving it distinctive visually driven feel of its own. We wanted to move from good to great by developing more impactful graphics while reducing the amount of text.”

General experience working with yellobee on the project:

“From the start, we had a very collaborative and iterative process that enabled us to deliver work on the many pieces in parallel with very tight timelines. Yellobee developed complex PowerPoint templates for the core research results that our research vendor could execute. They evolved the white paper, infographics and sales presentations to be consistent yet even more compelling.   As we began to develop the global versions of the materials, Yellobee created a flexible template that involved close to 30 different sets of materials.”  

Your level of satisfaction with the final outcome:

“We have been exceptionally pleased. Some of the ways of we have developed of working iteratively on the fly have set a new standard. They really listen to what we’re trying to accomplish and are able to refine the final products that results in strong dynamic presentations that have been highly praised by UPS senior executives and the leadership attending the trade conferences where we launch the materials.”

—  Mark Boyles, UPS Customer Communications